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History of Reach Haiti

Humble beginnings, amazing opportunities!


Mike and Andrea moved full-time to Haiti. They received 16 children from a crisis situation into their home which had no running water or electricity.September Was a very difficult time of testing. One of the children they had taken in died by accidentally falling into an unknown well. This resulted in a police investigation and the threat of jail time for Mike and Andrea, but God miraculously intervened. During this time, Mike also had malaria.


January. We purchased our first truck and took in a desperate baby named Marilyn.  Marilyn was 2 1/2 years old and only weighed 14 pounds. The day we received her, the earthquake hit which resulted in us losing our home. During this time, we were forced to sleep outside for months with 22 children.


July . We moved the children into the new orphanage into temporary housing. September- After having two miscarriages in Haiti Andrea, was pregnant again and forced to return to the states for medical care.


January. RHM began it’s first long-term discipleship school with 8 students. This was the seed for the church-planting movement we see today. May – Josh and Amanda Armstrong became the country directors for RHM.


March – This was a huge year of growth with systematic church-planting.


June. RHM began to fight a national problem with the rescue of 13 child-slaves. The children were placed into a new orphanage by RHM called the Freedom House. October- We welcomed full-time missionaries from Kentucky. The Cherven family began serving as the Hospitality Coordinators of the RHM mission house.

“Empowering and enriching the lives of the people in Haiti through development, discipleship, education and spreading the Gospel.”

Create Hope

Spread Wisdom

Bring Life

Some Statistics

RHM has seen tremendous growth since it began in 2009. This growth has come through grace, prayer, fasting, sacrifice and strategic partnerships. You could be the next strategic partnership that God is ordaining.

Church Planted

Kids Cared For Daily

Kids In RHM Schools

Meals Given Out

Our Culture

Core values are the things that are most important to us in the work of Rio-ReachHaiti Ministries. These are the attitudes and philosophies of how we approach life and service to the Lord.
Passion for Godrevealed through disciplined prayer, worship and study of God’s word.
Passion for local churchrevealed through our dedication to always, when possible, work in partnership with and through the local indigenous church. To always release authority to the local believers as soon as possible.
Cultivating a culture of Honor – seeking to understand the five-fold ministry we endeavor to work under the spiritual coverings and authorities in our lives. Understanding to walk in authority we must be under authority concluding that in God’s kingdom it is a theocracy not a democracy.
Living a sacrificial servants life by faithWe endeavor to live a life of faith when we have an abundance and when we have little. Understanding that Jesus was our example and He gave His life to reach us and we might be required to do the same to reach others.
Passion for mentoring relationships – making disciples by developing father / mother type relationships with those we are training.

Reach Haiti Vision For the Next Year.


We hope to increase financial support so we can grow from 2 orphanages to 4.


We hope to improve the short-term mission trip experience.


We hope to share the gospel with 30,000 people within the next year.


We hope to feed 600 children enrolled in school 1 meal a day, 5 days a week.

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