Breaking Denominational Barriers

by | Jun 22, 2015

Often times we let things such as church denomination influence how we interact with other believers. We are all one body of believers in Christ. This remains true in Haiti as well.

This week at Reach Haiti we have the honor of serving alongside two teams from Maryville, Tennessee. One team comes from Beech Grove Baptist Church and another team from RIO 180 Church of God.

These two teams were such a blessing to the missionaries and staff here at Reach Haiti. This past week, the teams served around the community, lead Vacation Bible Schools, preached at the prison, spread the Gospel, and encouraged a few of the Reach Haiti simple church leaders.

However, one thing stood out to us this week, and we are ecstatic about it.  RIO 180 and Beech Grove Baptist Church worked together in a way that displayed how God desires, and intends for The Church to act.

RIO 180 comes from a Church of God background, whereas Beech Grove is a Southern Baptist church. However, both teams, regardless of their denominations, have been working together brilliantly to serve the people of Haiti and, ultimately, to glorify God. These teams are a shining example of the body of Christ uniting for our common goal of sharing the gospel and bringing glory to our Father in Heaven.

Despite the language barrier and cultural differences, we are all followers of one God. We may worship differently and we may not even be able to pray in the same language. Should this cause dissent in the body? Absolutely not!

Our God is the one true God, and since our God breaks all cultural barriers with His great love for us ALL, we can stand firm together as The Church. Uniting as one body is exactly what we see RIO 180 and Beech Grove doing this week. It is so refreshing to worship and serve, the God we all love, together.

– Makayla Campbell

Youth pastor Jimmy Mannis (pictured right) lead the Beech Grove team, and youth pastor Grant Redmond  (pictured left) lead the RIO 180 team.

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