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by | Oct 6, 2016

We could really use your support right now. This will enable us to help many in need.

Many of you have reached out to me about helping Haiti. Please read through this email and draw from our experience during tragedies in Haiti.


Hurricane Matthew is the worst storm to hit Haiti in decades! With nearly 140 mph winds and a constant barrage of rain, Matthew has already released an unbelievable amount of flooding. It is unimaginable that so many of our friends and loved ones are under tin roofs with very limited protection from the storm, but we serve a faithful God who is unchanging even in the midst of difficult times. He is still good and that is one of our foundational beliefs. During such tragedy and loss, we must remain calm and trusting.

“Just walked around town during a brief ease of weather. The gardens around town are destroyed, light flooding throughout, and some trees have fallen.”
– Daniel Abercrombie, Reach Haiti Medical Missionary

“It’s crazy to think I’m in one of the safest spots. With a tin roof, it sounds like at any moment the wind will rip off my roof and the sheets of rain will pour in. I glance outside and check on the community. No one is in sight. We warned everyone yesterday, saying how ‘grave’ the situation will be. I’m hoping they listened because the worst still hasn’t hit. I can see a few fences down, a few trees, but know the sickness and mudslides are still to come. I’ve talked with friends and know the situation to the west is unimaginable right now. My heart is aching. I haven’t slept since the first gust of wind hit my roof. I know lives are being lost as I type this and I’m just praying out to God to make the wind and rain cease. Protect this country that was still in recovery mode, help this country Lord, give these people the peace they need for this day of what feels like torture is just beginning.”

A church/school collapsed in Boukenchat. I think the homes are struggling there too.”

– Kristyn Mickley, Reach Haiti Medical Missionary

When a disaster strikes, there are waves of relief that come in. First are those that are ingrained in the current communities already on the ground. They walk out their doors and offer help. Second are the disaster relief teams that are well-trained, specialized teams. They are the leading force in the immediate aftermath. Thirdly, we evaluate the situation and come in with longer term fixes and rebuilding efforts. We will be building teams to go serve over the next few weeks. Details will follow in the next few days. Please respond, and let me know if you are interested in going down to help.

The greatest help you can offer immediately is to give to our EMERGENCY FUND. This is a very real need, and you can help right now.

Abraham is checking on people right now and allowing them to stay at our mission house which is a strong, three-level concrete structure. This will allow people to escape the flooding. Please pray for them!

It is also reported to us that the roads leading up to our clinic in Foret de Pins is underwater which is expected since it is basically a riverbed.

Ways to Help!

1) Pray
2) Pray
3) Give to the EMERGENCY FUND NOW.
4) Plan to come and serve. Reply and let me know if you are interested.

I have always given you the opportunity to donate, but rarely have I asked you so directly to donate. Today, I am asking on behalf of tens of thousands of Haitians: Will you give now to the Reach Haiti EMERGENCY FUND?

Mike Brewer

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