Loved Like Never Before

by | Jan 23, 2016

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Tonight, January 23, 2016, my team and I were on our way to the Haiti International Airport to receive a construction team from North Carolina. We left our mission house very early in case we ran into a traffic jam since there have been so many protests happening due to the election situation in Haiti. There was very little traffic so we were going to arrive three hours early. I told Abraham, our Haitian Missions Vice-President, to stop at the store so we could get some snacks. When he parked at the store, we were getting out of the bus, and a young teenager in wheelchair came up to us begging.

    The young man’s name was Ywenson, and he was sixteen years old and. He had been paralyzed since he was six months old. He has never walked or even moved his toes in his life! The look on his face was one of rejection, hurt, and confusion for why he was even alive. But as I looked at him, my heart became broken for this young man to feel the heart of our Heavenly Father. But, I was also angry because of the devil trying to steal a life that was destined to honor God. While I was looking into his eyes, Zachary Ducote, a Reach International missionary, said, “Let’s pray for him!”

    As we kneeled beside him and invited the Holy Spirit to come and release the will of heaven for this young man, you could see the shock in his face that we had even taken time to minister to him. We sensed that he had no confidence left in life. As we began to ask him to report back to us what he was feeling and sensing, at first, he said peace and joy. So we just began to agree with the work of the Holy Spirit and that He would bring more and increase His presence. After some time, the young man became astonished and began to move his toes. With great joy, he told us he has never moved his toes before because they had been locked into place! We all began to rejoice at what the Lord was doing in this young man’s life. Joy and peace filled his heart and a smile was upon his face. He continued to say, “This is crazy.” He was shocked that God loved him in a tangible way.

    The young man didn’t walk out of his wheelchair, but he did fall out of despair and hopelessness into the arms of our Heavenly Father that loves and cares for him. At this point after praying and ministering to him for over an hour, we loved on him, shared contact info, and left for the airport. As we were driving away, we took one last look back at Ywenson, and his head was tilted back, his face lifted to the heavens, and his arms stretched out worshiping in the middle of the parking lot! Another life touched with the love of God!

    Later, after receiving our team from the airport, we arrived back at our mission house, and Abraham called to check on Ywenson. He could still move his toes and has hopeful that the healing will continue, but the greatest miracle is what he said, “I have never felt loved like I did tonight!”


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