“This is my 13th year in ministry and this is my first mission trip. I think my ministry would have been a lot different if I had come earlier. This experience has already changed my heart towards ministry for serving and helping others. I wish that I had experienced this a long time ago. This is a whole new outlook on the world, and serving others. “

This is a powerful quote about one of the team member’s experience at Reach Haiti this past week.

“If you want to sow your seed in fertile ground, Reach Haiti is the place where you can sew it—so much growth is happening here.“

Wow! What a compliment. And we pray that God would use this ministry and its staff to continue to have this type of impact on both teams and on Haiti.

Many times, however, the host organizations get all the limelight when awesome ministry happens. And here’s the thing, we couldn’t do it without the help of amazing teams like the one we had last week, so here’s a little bit about them.

This previous week we had a team from the Men and Women of Action (mostly from Goldsboro Worship Center), led by Stan Stanridge. The team was absolutely phenomenal. They worked extremely hard and quickly, which enabled them to get a lot finished, and they did it without any complaining. The work was good quality work and they didn’t need help or supervision.

While those sorts of things are great to see, they are far from the most important thing. The most important thing a team can have is a love for Jesus and a desire to share that love. This previous team had that. They had a lot of it. And it really showed.

The two ways you can see love is through words and actions. This team loved on the staff more than any team we’ve seen. It was evident in the way that they always expressed their love and gratitude through their thanks-yous and genuine encouragement. It was evident in the way they allowed our staff and older kids to help work, and also how they helped them with other things.

Beyond just words and actions, you could see the love through everyone’s emotions. You could see the emotions on the faces of the team members, Reach Haiti staff, and the kids when the team had to say their goodbyes. It was obvious that much love had been given and received by everyone—and that’s what ministry is all about.

So this is a big thank you from Reach Haiti to the team, and hopefully an encouragement to everyone else. God is doing cool stuff all over the world. To get involved, just love on someone. It’s simple. Encourage someone, serve someone, show someone that you really love and care about them. That’s is what Jesus did, and that’s what we were born to do.

If you want to come to Reach Haiti, shoot us a message. If you want to support anything we are doing, click here.

– Joseph T.

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