IMG_2992There are some things that happen in this world that we may never be able to comprehend. We found ourselves in this exact situation about a month ago. Wesly, the Director of the Freedom House, received a call that a woman threw her newborn baby down a concrete hole, which is used as an outdoor restroom. Our hearts shattered when we heard the story. People in the community heard the screams from the baby, so they immediately ran to find out what happened. They found the baby, only hours old, tied in a black garbage bag and stuck at the bottom of the concrete shaft used as a toilet. A man near-by used a hammer to break away the concrete so they could reach the baby and rescue him. A woman from the community ran to the hospital with the baby so that he could receive the immediate attention he needed. He weighed only 2.5 pounds at birth. The hospital ran tests and examined the baby. They came to the conclusion that there were no serious complications and that he would recover fully.

Reach Haiti has been monitoring, and kept a close eye on the situation since then. Just a few days ago, one of the family members came to the Freedom House saying that she wanted Wesly to take care of him at the Freedom House, because she knew he would have a better life there. Wesly noticed that the baby’s head was very swollen and much larger than the last time he saw him. Obviously a swelling head on a newborn is a pretty serious situation, so we knew that we had to move fast so we could get him to a hospital.

During the past few days, Wesly has been working hard to receive custody of the baby, which we now have on record, and the baby is in the hospital receiving the proper treatment.

IMG_1567The baby is currently a month and a half old, and his name is Moise, which means Moses in English. We love the significance of his name. When we heard that he was thrown in a toilet, and still alive, we were all shocked at the fact that he hadn’t drowned because of the water and sewage in the hole. We believe that God parted the waters for him that day so he could live and make a difference in the kingdom of God. We’re so excited to watch Moise grow up and become a man of God. He has such a powerful testimony. His earthly mother was afraid and she abandoned him, but now God has given him a new life and a bright future. Jesus rescued him so he could be a testimony to how God saves people from the worst situations and uses them for his glory. We rejoice for this reason.

We can’t do this without you though. Due to Moise’s urgent medical condition, we need funding fast. The tests and exams he will need are not cheap, and we want him to receive the best care possible. We also need monthly sponsors for Moise as well. Having a baby at the Freedom House requires another worker, formula, and clothes for a fast-growing baby, and many other items necessary to raise Moise. We NEED you to partner with us so we can pay for his costly medical expenses. We NEED you to partner with us to support him monthly and care for his basic needs. We NEED you to partner with us to make a difference in his life. Also, please join us in praying for Moise and that God will heal and protect him. Pray that God will use his story to reach the lost.

Follow this link to help us care for Moise.

When donating, please make all donations to the Freedom House since we will be the sole provider for Moise and his medical expenses.

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