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I have personally delivered letters from sponsors to the children and saw the huge smile come on their faces. When you sponsor a child you are saying, “I love you and you are valued” in a very tangible way. Activate your sponsorship today!

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In a world where the life of a child can be so volatile and lack the basic necessities of life we are there to help. Many of the children we provide for have been abandoned, orphaned, abused and/or neglected. But you can be the difference between life and death.


When you sponsor a child you will be helping us to provide a safe caring atmosphere where the children are healed, loved, restored and ultimately learn to thrive in life. Our desire is for children to be raised up in an environment that fosters faith and a supernatural walk in God. With regular bible studies, prayer and discipleship the children learn, “in Christ nothing shall be impossible for them!”


Most of the children in our sponsorship program we provide 100% of all living expenses because they are living in children’s homes or orphanages.


By activating your sponsorship today you will help to provide for all of the children’s living expenses such as shelter, food, education, medical and care. Basically everything that it takes to provide a healthy home and life for a child is funded by our sponsorship program

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Maranatha’s father left the family, and her mother was unable to care for the children. Maranatha is a spunky girl and likes to play jokes. Although she is mischievous, she has a loving heart. Maranatha loves to be loved and has a sweet heart...

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